Size Guide

Let's make sure you get the perfect fit!

* Click the size you usually wear. 

* Download and print the template. Be sure to adjust your printer settings to either "100% scale" or "actual size," and after printing, double check that your template rendered correctly by measuring the ruler included on the printed instructions.

* Follow the directions on the template.

If you don't have a printer or are having trouble finding your size, please contact us at  and we will get right back to you with help. 

US Women's Sizes

US Men's Sizes

Women's Size 6

Men’s Size 7

Women's Size 6.5

Men’s Size 7.5

Women's Size 7

Men’s Size 8

Women's Size 7.5

Men’s Size 8.5

Women's Size 8

Men’s Size 9

Women's Size 8.5

Men’s Size 9.5

Women's Size 9

Men’s Size 10

Women's Size 9.5

Men’s Size 10.5

Women's Size 10

Men’s Size 11

Women's Size 10.5

Men’s Size 11.5

Women's Size 11

Men’s Size 12


Men’s Size 12.5


Men’s Size 13