“These sandals have been more than just sandals, they represent a lifestyle. They have changed my perspective on walking in general... I now don’t, “just walk”; I walk on the earth. I feel the earth, the quality leather gets better and better with age. They are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I have walked hundreds of miles in several different states. I’ve taken them on countless adventures and many more to come. I couldn’t be more satisfied with them. They are so much more than footwear, than a product... they remind me of a memory ...A memory I’ve never had but never forgotten..."

"This eclectic shop drew me in immediately. I enjoyed hearing the owner tell his
story about its origin and his vision for its future as he fitted my custom pair of sandals. It was a unique experience and a great memory from my vacation."
"Go see Kevin & Samantha for the best sandals you will ever wear! I see these sandals becoming the norm for the whole world because of how comfortable they are and everyone can afford them!"
"My wife and I stopped in to the store on Saturday and ended up buying a pair of sandals.  The product is classic, well crafted and sexy.  Kevin is a fascinating person, exudes passion about his product and it was worth it to see the smile on my wife's face when we walked out the door.  It is a great pleasure to have purchased the product and and hope that our paths will cross again."
~Yuko & Charles