“These sandals have been more than just sandals, they represent a lifestyle. They have changed my perspective on walking in general... I now don’t, “just walk”; I walk on the earth. I feel the earth, the quality leather gets better and better with age. They are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I have walked hundreds of miles in several different states. I’ve taken them on countless adventures and many more to come. I couldn’t be more satisfied with them. They are so much more than footwear, than a product... they remind me of a memory ...A memory I’ve never had but never forgotten..."




“Walking barefoot is pure delite while cruising our mamma earth’s soft surfaces, and still I must care for mine feet while wandering jah hard paths too! I’m blessed to now feel the way to keep my feet protected while giving them freedom…joy is seeing clean, happy feet, free on paved streets! Good Earth Sandals are jah kine royal way to uplift our feetas float around Hawaii sacred Aina…my precious pair of slippas came into bed with me our first night together :) Malama pono Good Earth Sandals”

Mahalo Nui Loa Ohana,

~Mathias (Waipiʻo Valley Hawaii)


"This eclectic shop drew me in immediately. I enjoyed hearing the owner tell his story about its origin and his vision for its future as he fitted my custom pair of sandals. It was a unique experience and a great memory from my vacation."



"Go see Kevin for the best sandals you will ever wear! I see these sandals becoming the norm for the whole world because of how comfortable they are and everyone can afford them!"



"My wife and I stopped into the store on Saturday and ended up buying a pair of sandals. The product is classic, well crafted and sexy. Kevin is a fascinating person, exudes passion about his product and it was worth it to see the smile on my wife's face when we walked out the door. It is a great pleasure to have purchased the product and hope that our paths will cross again."

~Yuko & Charles


“Dearest Kevin, I want to thank you for making my sandals shipping my Good Earth Sandals speedy quick so I may walk my way through Italy with a part of you and Hawaii with me.”

Blessings, Love, Peace & Gratitude