the most comfortable sandals on earth

return to your roots

A functional & minimalist design that anyone can wear. Our leather forms to your unique foot shape, offering grounding support for all soles.


genuine leather made by genuine artisans

handcrafted in hawaii

Every pair we create is one of a kind, designed & handmade at our workshop in Paia, Hawaii.


fully grounded. fully connected.

good for the sole

Walking on our natural materials like leather draws electrons from the Earth and increases antioxidants, which defuses the cause of inflammation in the body.

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great for everyone

Sandal Kits

Our sandal kits are a simple and fun way to build your own sandals. Each box has an easy, step by step guide to help you lace your sandals.


good earth people

Inspired by the simple life

Our brand is inspired by bohemian surf-culture and folk arts & crafts. Created for travelers, wanderers, artists, poets, musicians, and nature lovers.

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join us on maui

sandalmaking workshops

Immerse yourself in the gratifying art of sandalmaking, right on the North Shore of Maui. You will experience every step of the process hands-on, from sizing and cutting the leather to lacing up your unique pair of handcrafted sandals.

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more than just a brand

A lifestyle

Good Earth Sandals is a unique retail experience that combines a curated mix of high quality leather sandals created for travelers, wanderers, artists, poets, musicians and nature lovers.

It's an elevated take on bohemian surf culture and folk arts + crafts. We believe in making sandals that help us connect back to the Earth. Every pair we create is one of a kind, designed + handmade at our workshop in a quaint hippie-surf town on Maui.

our story

good earth living

What is earthing?

At Good Earth Sandals, we are big fans of earthing. In simplest terms, earthing involves walking barefoot on soil, grass, sand, and other natural surfaces.

Because our sandals are made from 100% leather you get all of the benefits of earthing while still protecting your feet.

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See what people are saying

We are proud to say that we do not just have customers, but loyal friends whose lives have been changed by our sandals. Good Earth Sandals isn't just a brand, but a lifestyle.

Don't believe us? Click the link below to read some of our favorite customer feedback.

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