Maui Sandal Making Workshops

Have you ever wanted to make your own pair of sandals? Then join us for one of our Sandal Making Workshops, hosted at our flagship store on the North Shore of Maui!

This is a unique and hands-on experience where you will immerse yourself in the art of sandal making. Our experienced and friendly artisans will walk you through every step of the process creating your own pair of beautifully earthing, handmade leather sandals. 



We offer a 5 different colors of naturally dyed leather laces and an array of crystal, gold, silver, and wood beads to accent your sandals. Chestnut dyed leather soles are the base for all guests, but you may upgrade to a different color of your choice for an extra charge. You will learn how to properly lace and care for your sandals so that they can be with you for years.

Our workshops run between 1-2 hours, depending on the size of your group.  Refreshments will be provided and parking is available across the street from our store.
The maximum number of people that our space can accommodate per workshop is 15. If you are hosting for a special event, wedding party, or corporate gathering, click the link below to reserve a private workshop.

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